Phone system issues resolved

Phone Issues Now Resolved

Published: Jan 19, 2018

We would like to apologize to all of our customers who have been trying to reach us via the (866) 669-3349 number over the last few days. The phone company made a huge mistake which resulted in our number being transferred away from us. Making things worse, the number was transferred to a spammy service that was "giving away a free cruise".

Acculevel had absolutely no involvement with the cruise promotion and we were at the mercy of our phone provider to make things right. If you experienced these issues over the past few days, please use our contact form and send us a message. A manager here at Acculevel will contact you straight away and we will try our best to make it up to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. The phone system is now back up and we have implemented safeguards to prevent this from happening again.

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