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Our Service Area for Fixing Cracked Foundation

If your foundation has large cracks that seem to impact its structural integrity, it’s aIways recommended to have an expert check it out. Depending on the severity of your cracked foundation, it can lead to basement flooding, collapsed walls, wood rot, high HVAC bills, soil erosion, costly repairs, and more. As the top-rated foundation repair and waterproofing contractors, Acculevel can conduct an inspection and get to the source of how to fix your cracked foundation. 

Acculevel has continued to expand and grow our service to multiple states throughout the years. We currently service 352 zip codes including Indiana and parts of Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. If you currently need a service we offer and are not sure if we service your area, go to our home page and insert your zip code at the top of the page to find out more. The map below shows the current service area in grey along with a few major cities included in the service area.

The Acculevel team is excited to work with you in order to solve any foundational issue you may have! We can reverse the effects of sinking homes and cracked foundations with our knowledge and expertise. We’ve been in the business more than 20 years, and we offer high-quality services, competitive pricing and more. Contact Acculevel for a free foundation estimate today.