Blake Valkier

Project Advisor


To help homeowners make repairs and improvements to their homes, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.


Born and raised in rural Michigan, Blake is the youngest of 5 children.  His family lived in an old home that had originally been a steamboat supply station.  These unique surroundings prompted a love of buildings and architecture that have stayed with him.

He began his career working for his father’s construction company. He met his wife Joanne in Chicago, and they bought a 3 flat building northwest of downtown.  Joanne is a freelance architect, and the two of them have made substantial improvements to the home over the years.


  • Blake has a variety of hobbies that range from snowboarding to gardening.  One of his recent projects has been helping refugee families as they adjust to American living.
  • Blake and Joanne have 3 cats and a horse that they board at a farm near the Wisconsin border. 

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